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​​​​​​​​62723Finish.jpg​​​​​Welcome to Morganfield

​Making Tomorrow's History Today

Morganfield, KY is a unique town in Western Kentucky in that it is the site of Abraham Lincoln's only political speech in the Bluegrass State. 

Beyond history, Morganfield also offers shopping, golf and natural attractions including the Higginson-Henry Wildlife Management Area, Mauzy Lake, Moffitt Lake Recreation Area, birding trails and more. Several restaurants available with varied offerings that will please all appetites.

During the Civil War, there were a number of skirmishes in and around Union County and Morganfield. The Confederate Monument of Morganfield is dedicated to fallen Confederate soldiers from the Civil War of all of Union County and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is in the northernmost corner of the City Cemetery/Odd Fellows Cemetery just outside downtown Morganfield.

Maybelline Cosmetics has roots in Morganfield when Mabel Williams singed her eyelashes while melting sugar and replaced them with a mixture of petroleum jelly and coal dust. Her brother, Thomas Lyle Williams,​ took note and started what is now known as Maybelline Cosmetics.​

Camp Breckinridge in Morganfield was the largest German POW Camp in the South during WW 2 and it was where Jackie Robinson was discovered by Major League Baseball. 

Union County is the home of the largest cavern mines in the United States.

Morganfield Industrial Park has approximately 174 acres right off of Hwy 60 East for sale or lease with most having water, sewer, and gas on site. Call 270-389-2525  for information.

​Shortcut to Form 51A380 for Declaration of Domicile for State Taxes on Utilities 51A380 (1-23).pdf (

Shortcut to Form 51A381 for Declaration of Domicile for Landlords 51A381 (1-23).pdf (

Design by Architect Rachel Harmon for Morganfield Homestead Park



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